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Ikea highchair footrests

Our super popular Bobbin and Bumble ikea antilop footrest for the ikea high chair.
They are made to fit the Antilop highchair perfectly, and will improve eating times by correcting posture and stopping those dancing feet during any meal time!

Every footrest for ikea high chair come with o-rings to allow you to change the height of the footrest, so your wooden footrest grows with your little one, whilst keeping them focused on eating time.
All of our footrests are designed and shipped to anywhere in the UK.


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IKEA High Chair Foot Rest - Bamboo Wood | Bobbin and Bumble.
IKEA High Chair Foot Rest - Bamboo Wood

5 reviews
Black wooden IKEA highchair footrest | Bobbin and Bumble.
Pink IKEA highchair footrest | Bobbin and Bumble.
SPARE / EXTRA O-rings for the IKEA highchair footrest | Bobbin and Bumble.

Do babies need footrest on high chair?

Posture is so incredibly important when you begin weaning, in fact one of the requirements of starting weaning is that your baby has to be able to sit upright safely before you can begin. It has huge effects on the success of a meal, so if you are struggling with weaning or if baby is upset in their highchair/at meal times it may be a priority for you to consider that they are not properly supported in their highchair causing discomfort and frustration.

We love the antilop highchair and can say this is the best high chair ever, adding our bamboo footrests means your little feeder will be able to support your babies with foot support.

How to add the footrest to the high chair?

Simply take the legs off the IKEA Antilop high chair, roll the thick o-rings above and below the wooden footrest to keep it from slipping down and adjust to your baby's height, and that's it - easy peasy!

Whats the best high chair with adjustable footrest?

We might be bias, but we couldn't recommend the Ikea ANTILOP Highchair with tray anymore - it's not only incredibly practical, we take ours to restaurants, friends houses and use it for sensory play it also has a great price!

Why we love our ikea highchair footrest (as weaning parents ourselves)

You can simply adjust the height to follow your childs growth
Easy to clean
Supporting the little one leads to better and safer eating at meal times
Can help correct posture to help baby to sit upright safely
Allows the child to be concentrating on eating and not dancing (feet)
Our bamboo wooden footrests have a quality finish and has smooth edges
Fits the Ikea Antilop highchair

What do I need for weaning?

Weaning from around six months can be a messy business, so we recommend, alongside the highchair footrest: Ikea highchair cushion covers
IKEA Highchair Silicone Placemats made exclusively for the Ikea Antilop highchair
Wipeable Splash Mats that fit perfectly under the highchair
Ideal for baby's first silicone suction meal set