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Our Story

Hello and thank you for stopping by. I’m Emma a one mama band from Yorkshire. A mother, wife and the founder of Bobbin and Bumble.

Welcome to the home of the original Wipeable Ikea Antilop Highchair Insert Cover and Splash Mats

Established in 2016, Bobbin and Bumble comes from humble beginnings. After purchasing the infamous IKEA ANTILOP highchair and finding the cotton insert cover that was offered was impractical for those pesky throwing-food-feeding times, I immediately went online to look for something that was more aesthetically pleasing but also wipeable.

This search brought up one big AHA moment: zero results!

I just couldn't believe I'd be the only person to ever think of this...but it turned out I was!

Having never sewn before I went to the car-boot and bought a sewing machine for £5 and my mum taught me how to sew. 

learning to sew bobbin and bumble story

In March of 2016 I had made my first highchair cover quickly followed by a splash mat (all of the splash mats used to be handmade by me too!) for my daughter. I had begun posting pictures of Robyn online, not particularly showing the cushion cover but just a proud mama and people started to enquire about where I had got the cover from. So eventually, I plucked up the courage to list them on Etsy and the rest as they say is history. 

First bobbin and bumble IKEA highchair cover

It hasn't always been an easy road, in the beginning I worked two jobs alongside being a full-time mum to fund this crazy pipeline dream, not quite knowing what or where I was going with it. There has been sleepless nights, blood, sweat and A LOT of tears, but I still can’t believe what I have designed and created from my dining table. Safe to say I'm level expert now in the IKEA highchair and the UK's one stop shop for all your IKEA highchair accessories such as silicone placemats, cushion covers and footrests!

Slowly, as I am fitting in a small business around a young child and now a new baby! Working wherever I can, I am gradually seeing more of my ideas (many of which I made for my child) come to life and be loved by people all over the world. Is this real life? In the last year I have introduced lots more products including anti-roll wedge mats, wipeable basket liners, mini changing mats, nappy pouches, baby blankets and there is still lots more to come! 

Thank you to everyone who enjoys supporting small businesses, particularly this one.

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Emma xx

Emma founder of Bobbin and Bumble

 "Doing it for the little girl who's always looking up to me"


Bobbin and Bumble