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Wipeable Splash Mats

Bobbin and Bumble UK wipeable baby splash mats are ideal for underneath the high chair, perfect for catching all the food you spent hours slaving over for your baby to throw on the floor! Our mess mats are great for messy play, sensory play, painting and crafting. Splash mats are brilliant for protecting your floors and tabletops. With so many different uses including picnics, under the baby bath, garden play and even potty training! We have got you covered - literally!

All of our splash mats are made from non-toxic PVC, they are waterproof and wipeable. With a huge collection of fun designs, you will be spoilt for choice! 


Product type
Splash mat - Beau Pink Rainbow Print

2 reviews
Splash mat - Vegetable Garden Print

1 review
Splash mat - Bramble Print

1 review
Splash mat - Space Print

1 review
Splash Mat - Leo Lion Print

1 review

Do I need a splash mat?

Also known as baby messy mats and splat mats, we know from personal experience that during weaning one of our favourite items was a splash mat, ready at all times to catch those spills, protect your floors and make the clean-up afterwards so much easier!

Lightweight and compact, Bobbin and Bumble splash mats can be folded away easily after each use or you can take them with you for use on the move! We have used ours at the beach, on holiday under our highchair and for picnics. At home our splash mats are great for under the highchair, to use as crafting mats, they make cute little table cloths for toddler tables and they can go under the potty for all those inevitable spills and splashes.
All of our splash mats are available in one size 1200mm x 1200mm. 

Why do parents love Bobbin and Bumble Splash Mats?

🌿 Splash mats are made from non-toxic PVC that is phthalate free. So you know they are safe for your little ones.

💦 They are waterproof so they protect your floors/carpets from spills and splashes. 

🧽 Wipeable; They make the clean-up after dinner time so much easier! 

📏 Lightweight and compact so you can store them away easily after use. 

🍝 Big enough to go underneath the highchair and catch any food that is dropped/thrown!

🎨 Can be used for messy play, and arts and crafts with babies, toddlers, and children. 

🧺 Great for on the move, like picnics. They are also good to take with you if you are going on holiday for example in a caravan, you don't have to worry about the baby making a mess of the carpets at dinner time.

🦒 Lots of beautiful, fun, vibrant designs to choose from.