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IKEA High Chair Foot Rest - Bamboo Wood


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This listing is for an adjustable high chair footrest for the IKEA ANTILOP high chair.
This adjustable solid bamboo wooden footrest for the IKEA high chair is a must for when you begin weaning your little one and makes a great accessory to your IKEA ANTILOP Highchair!

Our sleek wooden footrest for IKEA high chair is not only great for hacking your IKEA highchair but will also help your baby concentrate on their eating without swinging their feet.
A simple, minimal design that is so easy to install, you can adjust to change the height of the footrest, so your wooden footrest grows with your child.

Putting these bamboo footrests on your IKEA highchair will promote better trunk support and posture, which ultimately leads to happier, safer weaning. Making baby weaning much more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your baby.

What you are getting:
- 1 wooden smooth (oiled) finished footrest
- 4 o-rings to help keep in place (can be installed with 2 above and 2 below or use all 4 below)

These are designed and shipped to anywhere in the UK.

SHIPPED WITHIN 2-5 business days.

How to add the footrest to the high chair?

Simply take the legs off the IKEA Antilop high chair, roll the thick o-rings above and below the wooden footrest to keep it from slipping down and adjust to your baby's height, and that's it, never has an IKEA highchair footrest hack been this easy!

Should I get a wooden adjustable footrest for my IKEA high chair?

When feeding our little one, we noticed she would often slump down in the chair whilst kicking her little legs and meal times would be not only messy but often a confusing and frustrating time for her, after reading up on "IKEA hacks" we realised a bamboo footrest would have been the ideal fix, the footrest would have kept her steady, balanced and able to concentrate on her finding her mouth! Read why you need a footrest for your IKEA highchair

Upon testing it with many babies (thank you testers!), we realised why this is part of our must-have IKEA highchair Accessories list for the IKEA Antilop highchair! Noticing an immediate change in the baby’s posture and ultimately concentrating on eating and making meal times a happier and safer time for weaning babies.

Why we love our IKEA highchair footrest (as weaning parents ourselves):

☁️ Handmade from bamboo timber, and completely smooth
🎨 Beautiful colour which will match a number of our other IKEA highchair accessories
👶 Stops your baby slumping in their highchair (big winner!)
📏Changeable height, so you can adjust it as your baby grows
🍼 Your baby will fully concentrate on the dinner and less about kicking their feet wildly
⭐️ Simple installation (we also provide a how-to guide)
❤️ Fits the IKEA Antilop Highchair
💧 Easily cleaned using a clean damp cloth

Our wooden highchair footrests also come in:

Pink IKEA highchair footrest

Black IKEA highchair footrest

Mint Green Wooden IKEA highchair footrest

Material: Wood is a natural product, so variations in pattern and colour are expected.
Notes: It is engraved with our logo but simply flip it over if you don’t want the logo on display.

You should always supervise your child whilst in the highchair and do not leave them unattended as they can use the IKEA footrest to push themselves out of the chair. Please keep o-rings out of reach of children due to choking hazards.

This listing is for the Bobbin and Bumble Ikea Antilop Highchair Footrest only.


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