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Baby weaning suction sets

Our beautiful 5 piece silicone weaning sets are the perfect starting point for your weaning journey.
All of our sets include a bib, bowl, plate, spork and spoon, the ideal set for many first time and experienced parents during their weaning adventure!

All our items are soft and gentle, the bib is perfect for any size baby, the bowl (with suction on the bottom) is deep to catch any splashes and spills (mostly!) and all the items can double up as a teether (which often leads to their first self-feeding moment).

Made from FDA food-grade silicone we have different colours to suit every baby and every home.

Do I need a weaning set?

Weaning is a fun but challenging time for your baby, and you'll need to keep your little feeder comfortable, happy and concentrating on the food as much as possible during this messy adventure!
We can help you with these silicone weaning sets as a starting point.

Our sets also come with suction, which you will thank us later for as this means your baby can't pick up the meal you've made for the past hour and throw it on the floor!
As silicone products have a resisitance to bacteria, these items are completely safe and hygienic, they are also BPA free and dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

What comes in my complete weaning set?

Silicone bucket bib

This is one of our favourite pieces, the bib that catches all! It includes a soft neck fastener for a comfy fit around the neck, and a front section that will catch all of those missed pieces of food.

Silicone suction bowl and plate with three sections

All of our sets include the two mainstays - the suction bowl and plate, both include a suction underneath to allow easy clean up and the plate to stay in one place whilst your little eater finds their way around the food.

Silcone spork and spoon

We also include some eating tools, your baby will chew on these and they are soft and gentle on your baby's gums (and teeth) and often double up as a teether (from our experience) that often lead to accidental first mouthfuls (win win!).

What is a weaning kit?

A weaning kit is the ideal starter set for when you are ready to start introducing foods (puree and eventually solid) to your baby, we include a bib, bowl and plate, spoon and a spork.

What weaning equipment do I need?

During weaning, we have used many things - but most of the time we just needed the basics:

Ikea highchair cushion covers are ideal to keep your baby upright and comfortable (especially recommended if you baby is on the little side like ours), we have many styles of antilop cushion cover to suit your home!
Ikea highchair wooden footrests, our popular footrests are a big win with many parents as they allow your baby to sit comfortable and help them focus on the messy joy of eating (available in different styles).
Silicone placemats for the Ikea highchair, tidying up is something you'll get use to, and these placemats make it so much easier, and you can also use these in restaurants.
These wipeable baby splash mats, are ideal for underneath the high chair to catch all the food you spent hours slaving over for your baby to throw on the floor, or messy play when doing sensory play or painting.

The best bits:

Helps with keeping the focus on the food
Handles on the spork and fork are large to allow easy grip
Quick to clean and easy to store
Mess is at a minimum(winner!)
BPA free
Dishwasher safe
Many babies use it as a teether on those little gums
Suitable for when you decide to start weaning

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