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Hospital Bag Organisers

Introducing Bobbin and Bumble's ziplock Hospital Bag Organisers, the ultimate solution for keeping your essentials neat, accessible, and secure during your hospital stay. Discover the convenience and functionality that our organisers bring to your journey into parenthood. Get ready to organise your hospital bag with confidence and style, ensuring everything you need is easily within reach.

Unisex Zip Lock Hospital Organiser Bags | Bobbin and Bumble.
Daisy Print Zip Lock Hospital Organiser Bags | Bobbin and Bumble.
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Unisex Zip Lock Hospital Organiser Bags - Spotty Print | Bobbin and Bumble.
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Unisex Zip Lock Hospital Organiser Bags - Beige Leaf Print | Bobbin and Bumble.
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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Ziplock Function: Our organisers feature a reliable zip lock function, keeping your items securely in place and preventing them from falling out or getting lost.
  • Durable Materials: Made from high-quality and non-toxic EVA plastic, our organisers are built to withstand frequent use, ensuring they last throughout your hospital stay and beyond, all whilst being free of harmful chemicals.
  • Water-Resistant: Rest easy knowing that our organisers are water-resistant, protecting your belongings from spills and leaks.

Key Features and Benefits:

Not just limited to hospital bags, our Ziplock Organisers offer versatile functionality:

  • Perfect for Travel: Separate and locate baby essentials effortlessly in your suitcase or nappy bag whilst on the go.
  • Snack Storage: Our non-toxic bags are great for storing snacks, ensuring freshness and easy access.
  • Soiled Clothes Solution: Use our bags to keep soiled clothes separate from clean items in your nappy bag while out and about.
  • Organise Toiletries: Keep your toiletries neatly organised in something that will keep any spills contained should they break!

Product Details:

Our grey unisex design Ziplock Hospital Bag Organisers come in a set of 10, including:

  • 5 Large Bags: Perfect for packing mum's essentials.
  • 5 Small Bags: Ideal for organising baby's necessities.

Personalisation and Premium Option:

Introducing our premium ziplock bags, personalised exclusively for you. Elevate your hospital bag organisation with a touch of uniqueness and style.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some common questions about our Ziplock Hospital Bag Organisers:

Can the ziplock function help in keeping items in the hospital bag secure and prevent them from falling out or getting lost?
A: Yes! Each bag has a zip lock close at the top to keep the contents securely inside them.

Are the zip lock bags reusable? Can they be easily cleaned or washed?
A: Yes! We encourage recycling the bags and using them beyond your hospital stay. Popular for reusing when you travel or out and about in your nappy bags. You can easily wash them in warm soapy water/wipe them down with a cloth.

Is the hospital bag organiser with a ziplock function waterproof or water-resistant? Can it protect items from spills or leaks?
A: Yes! They are waterproof so can protect whatever is in them and equally keep items prone to leaking contained and prevent spills/leaks inside your nappy bag.

Is the hospital bag organiser made from durable materials that can withstand frequent use and last for a long time?
A: Yes! Both the standard and premium zip lock bags are made from durable non-toxic plastic.

Can the hospital bag organiser be easily folded or compacted when not in use? Will it take up much space in the hospital room or a nappy bag?
A: Yes! They are incredibly small and lightweight so you won’t notice them in your bag.

Does the hospital bag organiser come in different sizes or variations to suit different needs or preferences?
A: Yes! We have two kinds of ziplock sets. One standard without labelling, in two cute designs. These bags don’t have any kind of wording/labelling on them so can be used however you like. The premium ziplock sets also come in two different sizes in the pack but have labelling on them to help you organise your hospital and baby bags.

Shipping Information:

Our stock is ready to ship within 3-5 business days, ensuring you receive your Ziplock Hospital Bag Organisers promptly.

Explore the convenience and functionality of Bobbin and Bumble's Ziplock Hospital Bag Organisers today. Take the first step towards a stress-free and organised hospital stay for you and your baby.


Large Bags: 28cm (W) x 40cm (L)
Small Bags: 20cm (W) x 28cm (L)

Bobbin and Bumble