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Travel Changing Mats

Our baby travel and portable changing mats are lightweight, compact and foldable, making them perfect for on-the-go bum changes! Bobbin and Bumble folding changing mats are made from Nontoxic PVC so you know they are safe for your little ones. Our new design means that our travel changing mats are bigger when opened but can easily be folded smaller than ever! Secured in place with a popper they can be slipped into your nappy bag taking up minimal space and weighing next to nothing. 

Measurements: Laid Flat 40cm x 60cm Folded 13cm x 29cm x 3cm 

Folding Baby Changing Mat - Daisy Print | Bobbin and Bumble.
Folding Baby Changing Mat - Dinosaur Print | Bobbin and Bumble.
Folding Baby Changing Mat - Leo Lion Print | Bobbin and Bumble.
Folding Baby Changing Mat - Black Spotty Print | Bobbin and Bumble.
Folding Baby Changing Mat - Space Print | Bobbin and Bumble.
Folding Baby Changing Mat - Magenta Pink Floral Print | Bobbin and Bumble.
New in
Folding Baby Changing Mat - Boho Rainbow Print | Bobbin and Bumble.

Do I need a travel changing mat? 

With so many different uses for our travel changing mats, you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner! Mums and dads love them as they are so light and compact you can easily pop them in your bag and go! But Bobbin and Bumble folding changing mats aren't only ideal for out and about with your baby they are also really handy to have around the home too. 

Why Parents love our travel changing mats:

🌿 Made from Non-toxic PVC so they are safe for little bums

💦 Waterproof and wipeable so you can easily wipe down after each use. 

☁️ Lightweight and compact. They are so lightweight and don't take up much room which is ideal when you're going anywhere with a child and your bags are fit to burst!  

🦠 Have peace of mind knowing that the surface you are changing your baby on is clean. 

🧳 Great for taking out and about with you. See all the different uses below! 

 🍑 Padded with foam for baby's comfort 

🦒 Lots of fun prints to choose from

Uses for Bobbin and Bumble Travel Changing Mats:

🍑 Number one use for a travel changing mat is for your baby's nappy bag and bum changes out and about on the move. 

💦 Swim bag - not only are they good to use on the baby changers but if there isn't a parent-baby changing room available you can change them on the floor using your travel changing mat knowing they are comfortable. 

🧳 Great for taking on holiday. Unfortunately, you still have to change nappies on holiday and so you will still need a mini changing mat, but if you don't want to compromise space and weight, Bobbin and Bumble travel changing mats are the perfect option.

👵🏻👴🏻 If you are a childminder, or your baby goes to family, or grandparents a lot and they need a changing mat some of the time but don't want a big bulky one hanging around our portable changing mats are perfect. 

🧺 Our folding changing mats are the perfect size for your nappy caddy and changing stations around the house.