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Caring for your Bobbin and Bumble products

We want you to enjoy your product as long as possible, and to keep them in the best condition we have provided you with some tips on keeping your Bobbin and Bumble item in its best shape.

Caring for our splash mats and changing mats
We always recommend:

- After every use, clean your item with warm soapy water
- Don’t let your item sit soiled for a long time, wipe down after each use with a cloth and soapy water.
- Our IKEA highchair covers and mats are wipeable and waterproof but they are not stain resistant.
- Tomato based / brightly coloured sauces and curry (also including certain fruits like watermelon) can stain and should be cleaned quickly.
- Only the IKEA highchair cushion covers and baby blankets are machine washable on a 30c wash.
- Be careful with hot liquids as they may damage/melt the plastic coating.
- Never use bleach to clean the item.
- Make sure your items aren't left damp. This promotes mould growth.

Following the care rules will result in a longer lasting product.

For tips on how to remove stains, please read our post about How to clean Oil Cloth and PVC.

Bobbin and Bumble