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Although our items are wipe down, there is unfortunately no such thing as a stain resistant material!
We have written two posts that might help you if you stain your products:
Caring for your Bobbin and Bumble Products
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Anti-Roll Wedge Changing Mats: 

Why is delivery so long? 
Delivery is 3-4 weeks for the wedge mats because they are made to order and dispatched directly from the manufacturer. 

Is there an option for quicker delivery?
Unfortunately the delivery times are as stated and we don't have any other shipping options. Although we do try to get orders out before the 3-4 week mark this cannot always be guaranteed.

What size are the wedge changing mats?
Our anti-roll wedge changing mats measure 70cm x 45cm x 10cm (LxWxH)

Do the wedge mats fit the IKEA Sniglar?
Yes, they do. 

Baby Changing Basket Liners:

Is the Basket included with the liner? 
No, the baskets are sold separately. 

Where can I buy the basket? Do you sell it? 
We don't sell baskets at this time. You can buy any baby changing basket with an inside base measurement of 30cm x 70cm. Just type in baby changing basket in a search engine and lots will come up. 

Which basket have you used in the pictures? 
The basket pictured is by a brand called Olli Ella and it is the Nyla basket. 

How big are the basket liners?
The measure approx 30cm (W) x 70cm (L). 

Are the changing basket liners machine washable? 
No, they are just like a regular changing mat made from nontoxic PVC and nursery grade foam so they are wipe clean only.  

Travel Changing Mats:

Can the Mini Changing Mats be personalised? 
Yes! The listing for the personalised mats are at the bottom of the mini changing mat page. Just keep in mind that these are made to order so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

IKEA KLÄMMIG Cushion Covers:

Do the cushion covers come with an insert?
Not as standard, however you can add on the insert to your order and get it directly from us with your cover. 
Are any of the cushion covers machine washable?
No, a quick wipe down with a cloth, baby/disinfectant wipe will do the job after each use (also see links above for caring for your item).
Which highchair do the cushions fit? 
They are made for the IKEA ANTILOP Highchairs KLÄMMIG inflatable support pillow.
Do you make covers for any other highchairs? 
Unfortunately not at this time, it is something we are looking into though! 
Are the cushion covers stain resistant? 
No, there is unfortunately no such thing as a stain resistant material, we recommend a darker and more heavily patterned cover if you have a messy eater! The lighter and white covers will succumb to pesky food stains the quickest (see above links on caring for your item). 
Why is shipping so long for the cushion covers?
All our cushion covers are handmade to order this is why you must allow up to 28 working days for dispatch. 

Bamboo Footrests for the IKEA highchair:

Which highchairs do the footrests fit? 
They are designed for the IKEA ANTILOP highchair only. 

Does our highchair really need a footrest? 
So much science behind the footrest! We have a handy blog all about this topic :)

I can't get my O-rings on the legs, what am I doing wrong? 
The O-rings do have to be tight in order to support the footrest. They can be a bit tricky to fit but we assure you they do go on! Have a look on our Instagram at our IGTV for a demo on how to fit them if you are really struggling. 

My O-rings have snapped, what do I do?
Your O-rings shouldn't snap. It would be considered normal wear and tear for this to happen after approx a year but any sooner and they may have been over stretched when fitting them our faulty! Pop us an email and we will have some spares sent out to you. 

My O-rings are slipping is this normal? 
No, the O-rings should be quite firm. If you have just fitted the footrest though do allow the O-rings time to settle (usually overnight) after being stretched over the legs. You will find they shrink back down and become much firmer and you shouldn't be able to move the footrest. 

NHS Red Book Covers:

How much is it to personalise the NHS Red Book Wallets? 
Personalisation is free and you can have whatever you like. No limits/restrictions, the text will just be resized accordingly. Just make sure you check spellings/dates are correct before placing your order, as this is what will be used once submitted. 
How do I add on personalisation?
If the personalisation box hasn't come up when you select your NHS Red book wallet, you can add it on in the 'note to seller' box at check out.  Just make sure you check spellings/dates are correct before placing your order, as this is what will be used once submitted.