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Why do you need an IKEA ANTILOP highchair silicone placemat?

Why do you need an IKEA ANTILOP highchair silicone placemat?

Looking for our placemat for the Ikea Antilop highchair collection?

The much-coveted silicone tray inserts for the IKEA ANTILOP highchair have finally dropped in our shop and we couldn't be happier! But you may find yourself asking:

"Why do I need an IKEA ANTILOP silicone placemat?"

Well, let us start off by explaining what they are first. Our silicone placemats come in a range of cute colours and have been designed to fit perfectly inside your IKEA Antilop Highchair tray. Like with all of Bobbin and Bumble's products, our silicone highchair tray inserts are fully certified and safe for your precious little ones.

Although they aren't a necessity and more of a cute bonus, here's why some mums have been dying to get their hands on them: 

EASY TO CLEAN - Although the ANTILOP highchair is famed for being sleek and simple meaning food can't get into a million different crevises the tray that it comes with can be quite difficult to remove. Often times the removal of the tray results in leftovers being catapulted across the room as its yanked off in frustration! The silicone inserts mean that you can scoop up the mess easily and wipe it down with warm soapy water after each use. OR like all the other components of this fab highchair pop the silicone placemat on the top shelf of the dishwasher. 

EATING OUT - lightweight and compact these silicone tray covers will roll up and take next to no space up in your nappy bag meaning you can take it out and about with you! I am sure you've seen the majority of restaurants use the IKEA highchair so you can have peace of mind knowing that the surface your baby is eating from is clean. Simply wipe off with a disinfectant wipe and roll up after each use. 

PREVENTS SLIPS AND SPILLS - The silicone means that babies plates and cups move around a little less as they are not directly on the slippy surface. 

MAKE THE CHAIR YOUR OWN - with an AMAZING price point for the ANTILOP high chair you may find that you can afford to splash out on the accessories and make it your own. As well as being practical we have lots of different coloured silicone placemats and something to match each of our wipeable highchair covers and splash mats! Be sure to tag us on Instagram when you've put your own spin on this chair! 

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