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What to look out for when choosing a changing mat

What to look out for when choosing a changing mat

A few weeks before the birth of my daughter, during the frantic time you are designing that brilliant nursery you have imagined, I realised I hadn't bought a changing mat, and upon searching for one I was incredibly underwhelmed by the style options that would match my stylish and modern nursery and also the number of safe choices. I learned that some baby products are made with harmful chemicals that could possibly affect the health of my child.

What is an anti-roll wedge changing mat?
An anti-roll changing mat is a padded, nicely cushioned mat with raised edges to stop your baby rolling off. It looks great on a changing table, we always recommend this item as a must for all parents!

Our fantastic and popular safari wedge mat

Our popular safari animal anti-roll wedge mat

Why pick an anti-roll wedge mat?
There are many differing types of changing mats, from anti-roll wedge changing mat as well as a mini travel changing mat, for home use we recommend going for an anti-roll wedge mat to offer a more secure changing platform for your baby, whilst providing comfort during those tricky bum changing moments!
Tested on many changing tables, so far it has fitted nearly all.

Why we love our Anti-roll changing mats:
Non-toxic PVC means it is waterproof
Super easy to wipe down after each use
Phthalate-free, so our mats are safe for your precious little ones
Padded with British standard foam and raised sides for safety
Fits most changing tables including the IKEA SNIGLAR
Size: 70cm x 45cm x 10cm (LxWxH)
Beautiful and stylish designs to go with nursery decor 

Our unisex Anti-Roll Wedge Changing Mat - Grey Spots

How to care for your mat?
We have written a little on caring for changing mats as well as our other products, but we always recommend after every use, clean your item with warm soapy water.

If you’re changing your baby on a raised surface, such as a changing table, remember to not leave them unattended.

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