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Why Your Highchair Should Have a Footrest

Why Your Highchair Should Have a Footrest

So, you’ve finally made it to the all-important weaning stage with your baby… what now?

Well, when it comes to weaning, one of the most important steps you need to make is ensuring your baby’s comfort when in their high chair. This is where the majority of their weaning will take place, so their safety and comfort at mealtimes, whilst in their high chair, is top priority.

This feeding process will become second nature in your daily routine. It will also be one of the cornerstones of your child's early development and the better the association your baby has with feeding, the easier it will be. That’s why the high chair that you choose, along with the accessories to go with it, are so important.

In this blog, we are going to explore the main reasons why your baby’s IKEA high chair should have an adjustable wooden footrest to go with it.

Black wooden IKEA highchair footrest

The Comfort of a Footrest

Your baby’s comfort will mostly come down to your highchair; sturdy legs, an upright position, a comfortable insert, and the often disregarded highchair footrest. There are benefits upon benefits behind a highchair footrest, and at this point, it's beyond me why all high chairs don’t come with them as standard. But how can such a simple fixture have such an impact on your baby’s development?

Well, giving your baby a platform to push against naturally distributes some of the weight from their bum to their feet, causing them to be less restless from being sat in one position for a set period of time. The lack of a footrest also removes all control from your child in finding their own comfortable position.

IKEA High Chair Foot Rest - Bamboo Wood

Stimulation & Concentration

There is a lot going on when it comes to mealtimes with your baby - it’s a new experience for them, as they are exercising their newfound autonomy over what they consume. Their concentration can be very scattered due to this, which is why you want to ensure there aren’t any unnecessary distractions.

Dangling legs would be a distraction for anybody, but for a baby, bouncing and kicking is their answer to restless legs that have nothing to support them. This form of stimulation has the side-effect of distracting your child, moving their interest away from their food, and more towards how they are positioned. This is the opposite of what you want!

Weaning will be one of your baby’s first opportunities to put their hand-eye coordination into practice and considering all the new smells, tastes, textures, and positioning, it is a lot for the senses to take in. Allowing your baby to settle their restless legs on a footrest gives them one less thing to be distracted by, and gives them more capacity to focus on their food.

Pink IKEA highchair footrest


Of course, the safety of your little one is always in the forefront of your mind, but when it comes to weaning, a lot of dangers can unexpectedly appear. Proper weaning safety requires an upright position as this not only makes it a more comfortable experience for your baby, but reduces the risk of choking. A baby that is improperly supported in their high chair may find themselves leaning into a reclined position. An upright position with a footrest also helps maintain the 90-degree angle of the hips, supporting good baby back and hip health.

Another risk factor also points back to the issue of restless legs. A baby looking to support itself may try to find a surface (such as a table leg) to push themself against. Keeping your highchair away from other objects is a must, and a footrest can calm those wandering legs.

So, there you have it. There are endless benefits to having a footrest attached to your baby high chair - it’s a wonder that they’re not a mandatory attachment yet. To get your own baby chair footrest and learn more about high chair accessories for baby’s comfort, see here.

White wooden IKEA highchair footrest


Weaning is an exciting time for both you and your baby. It's a period filled with new experiences and challenges. Ensuring your baby's comfort and safety during this phase is crucial. A high chair equipped with an adjustable wooden footrest can significantly enhance this experience by promoting better posture, reducing restlessness, and aiding in your baby's overall development. Remember, a comfortable and safe baby is a happy baby. 

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