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Nursery Inspiration - Go Get 'em Tiger

Nursery Inspiration - Go Get 'em Tiger

Tiger themed nursery inspiration

Welcome to the jungle of imagination and bold adventures where Bobbin and Bumble takes you on a safari to the heart of nursery trends!

Embrace the Call of the Jungle with Our Jungle Theme Wedge Baby Changing Mat

Our Jungle Theme Wedge Baby Changing Mat isn't just a cornerstone of this inspiration; it's a vibrant addition that brings the wild into your nursery in the safest way possible. Perfect for adventurous little spirits, this mat combines functionality with the thrill of the jungle. 

Creating a Cosy and Inviting Space with the Perfect Accessories

Accessories like the Tiger Pillow from Etsy and the Leaf Rug from Habitat add layers of texture and warmth, making your nursery not just a room, but a cosy haven. These pieces not only complement the tiger theme but also invite storytelling and play. 

Furniture that Grows with Your Little Explorer

The Rattan Baby Changing Table from Dunelm blends beautifully with any nursery theme, especially our jungle-inspired one. Its durability and style make it a practical yet beautiful piece that adapts as your baby grows. 

Lighting and Decorations to Spark Imagination

Illuminate their space with a Rope Lampshade, casting a warm glow that simulates the jungle's mystique and adds some extra texture. Decor like the 'Go Get 'em Tiger' Banner from Etsy adds a motivational touch, inspiring your little one every day. 

Inspiring Little Dreamers with Wall Art and Banners

Wall art, like the Tiger Art Prints from Etsy and another Tiger Art Print from Postery, transforms a simple room into an adventurous jungle scene. 

Storage Solutions with Style: Cute Tiger Basket

Keep their jungle tidy with the stylish Tiger Basket from BellyBambino, a perfect solution for toys and essentials, blending seamlessly with the theme.

We are in the full swing of 2024 and we're thrilled to see how the Tiger theme inspires your nursery designs. It's a theme that promises adventure, stimulates the imagination, and brings a sense of the exotic into your home. We can't wait to see your jungle havens come to life!

What are your thoughts on the Tiger-themed nursery? Do you have any roaring ideas to add? Let us know in the comments below! Your little cub's dream nursery is just a stripe away with Bobbin and Bumble.  

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