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Vegan Weaning - Pick and Mix Rainbow Dips Recipe

Vegan Weaning - Pick and Mix Rainbow Dips Recipe

vegan baby led weaning dip recipe

Pick and Mix Rainbow Dips Recipe - Suitable from 6 months

It's tricky to get little ones to eat their 5 a day but with this super colourful rainbow platter, they are sure to get a good start!

This spread is super quick to make. You have a base bean dip and add vegetable purees for the lovely vivid colours. The basic dip is really simple, it's just blitzed cannellini beans with a little oil and tahini that takes minutes to make.

I use pre-cooked beetroot, so the only cooking is a quick microwave for the sweet potato. I like to make more puree than I need so I can freeze it. I pour the puree into ice cube trays which I can then use a little at a time. They are also great for adding to rice or pasta.

Not only are these dips perfect for kids, but they are also delicious on top of a salad or with roast veg for grown-ups too- just add a sprinkle of salt.

Dips are a wonderful way to get protein into your child's diet, they are super healthy while being fun and interactive. Because dips are so versatile, they are fab for introducing new flavours. In this recipe, I have chosen beetroot and sweet potato.  I added a tiny amount of agave syrup to the beetroot dip to take away the earthiness of the beetroot.

As your child gets more adventurous you can add more flavours to the dips, mild spices like cumin, coriander and paprika are perfect. 

vegan baby led weaning hummus dip recipe

Basic Dip Recipe

1 tin cannellini beans

1 tbsp light tahini

1 tbsp garlic infused olive oil

 Beetroot Dip

1/3 basic bean dip

2 tsp beetroot puree (cooked beetroot, blended)

1/2 tsp agave syrup

Sweet Potato Dip

1/3 basic bean dip

4 tsp sweet potato puree (peel and chop sweet potato, microwave with a little water and blend)

1/4 tsp turmeric

1/4 tsp paprika


1. Put all the ingredients for the basic bean dip in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy

2. Divide the dip between three bowls

3. Leave one dip plain, add the ingredients for the beetroot and sweet potato dips to the two remaining bowls

4. Serve with lots of colourful vegetables. Add bread or crackers for a more filling meal

Vegan weaning recipe for rainbow dips

If you give this recipe a try be sure to tag us on Instagram @bobbinandbumble @KelhamIslandKitchen and let us know what you and your little one thought! 


Recipe blog written and pictured by Kat at @kelhamislandKitchen go check out her website for more great vegan recipes all the family will enjoy!  


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