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Ten Minutes Peace - Sensory Play Idea for Babies

Ten Minutes Peace - Sensory Play Idea for Babies

Sensory play ideas for babies and get ten minutes peace!

A quick ten minutes peace sensory play idea for you to try with your baby. 

Get some pom poms, or if you don't have pom-poms may be cut up apple/carrot sticks something like that that they won't choke on. 

Put it inside a whisk and give it to your little ones to figure out. The retrieving of the pom poms is great for their fine motor skills and it will keep them entertained for at least 10 minutes! As for the other 23hr 50m of the day...well that's on you! 

baby sensory play idea whisk with colourful pom poms

Let me know if you give this a try in the comments or over on Instagram


Splash Mat pictured is our Large Spotty design Mat

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