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Unisex Zip Lock Hospital Organiser Bags - Beige Leaf Print


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Bobbin and Bumble hospital zip lock bags are now labelled and come in our very own beige leaf design. With the perfect unisex design, our neutral leafy print will make grabbing things from your hospital bag so easy as you prepare to welcome a little one into the world! 

Our new zip lock bags have been specifically designed to help your pack your hospital bag like a pro! They are made from PVC which is BPA free so it is free from harmful toxins. With thoughtful personalisation so that you are able to reuse them to organise your nappy bag, swim bag, holiday clothes and more! Made from soft plastic they have been designed with a square base to create more space and a zip lock close along the top. 

This set includes two sizes, one size is for mama and the smaller size for baby with a total of 10 bags in a set.

Mama size bags measure 35cm x 29cm x 6cm. You get 4 of the mama size bags in a set which come with the following personalisation: 

🌙  Mama Nightwear

👚 Mama Outfit x2 

🧼 Mama Essentials

Baby size bags measure 30cm x 24cm x 5cm. You get 6 of the baby zip lock bags in a set which come with the following personalisation: 

🍼 First Outfit

🍼 Going Home Outfit

🍼 Spare Outfits 

 🍼 Muslins

🍼 Baby Essentials

🍼 Snacks 

Not only for your hospital bag they are also great for:

✈️ Travelling - keep your suitcase organised.

💼 In your nappy bag with spare clothes.

🍴 To carry baby weaning items that may get dirty or that you don’t want floating around your bag such as toddler cutlery.

🍎  Snacks - as they’re nontoxic you can safely keep food in them.

❌  To put soiled clothes in and keep them separate in your nappy bag whilst out and about

🪥 Toiletries 

💕 The ‘first outfit’ and ‘Going home outfit’ baby bags can keep your babies clothes safe and clearly labelled as keepsakes 

Why we love our patterned zip lock bags:

🏥  Keep your hospital bag neat and organised

💧 Water-resistant 

 🌿  Nontoxic 

🍼  Comes in a pack of 10 with a small and a large size for mum and baby

💛 Unisex Design

♻️  Can be reused and recycled

We also have a range of Nappy Wallets which are great to use as a toiletry pouch for your hospital bag and lots of matching travel mats

Measurements: Large Bags 35cm x 29cm x 6cm Small  Bags 30cm x 24cm x 5cm

SHIPPING: The stock listed is available and ready to ship within 3-5 business days. 

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