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Splash mat - Beau Pink Rainbow Print


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Large Baby Splash Mats for Underneath the Highchair

Our beautiful rainbow “Beau” print splash mat is not only lovely to look at but you won’t want to be without it once you realise how handy having a splash mat around the house is. 

Our messy mats are large and lightweight making them ideal for lots of different things and easy to carry around in your bag too. 

Different uses for your Splash Mat:

🍽 Underneath the highchair at meal times to protect your floors from staining.

💦 Underneath the baby bath to catch any spills or splashes.

🚽 Under the potty

🏖 Use as a mat to sit on at the beach 

🍎 Picnic mat 

🎨 Crafting mat. You can either put it on the floor, on the table, underneath your tuff tray or anywhere that you plan to craft. 

🪑Table cloth - they’re great for children’s tables such as the IKEA LÄTT 

Don't forget to check out our other matching products like the Beau IKEA Antilop high chair cover or maybe our rainbow bib

Size Specifications for our Baby Splash Mats:

1200mm wide x 1200mm long 

Caring for your Baby Messy Mat:

DO NOT machine wash or use bleaches on your splash mat, simply wipe clean with a warm damp cloth or baby/disinfectant wipe after each use. Be careful with hot liquids as they may damage/melt the plastic. Please be mindful that our mats are wipeable but they are not stain resistant. Try not to let your cover sit soiled to help prevent stains. 


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