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baby boy mustard spotty spalsh mat ikea highchair cover and personalised baby bib

What will I need when my baby starts weaning?

What will I need when my baby starts weaning?

About to start weaning but don’t know what you are going to need? Don’t worry here are some of the basic things you should get before you start on this new big adventure:

Highchair - It will come as no surprise we REALLY love the Ikea highchair at Bobbin and Bumble. Easy to assemble, as well as disassemble and can easily be taken with you places (like grandparents' house). Its minimalist sleek design means it fits into lots of homes without clashing with your decor (and of course can be jazzed up with one of our highchair covers). They are very easy to clean and a brilliant price!

TOP TIP - It can even go in the dishwasher. 

neutral rainbow baby ikea high chair cushion cover

Highchair Insert- I get asked all the time if a 6-month-old can sit in an Ikea highchair well the answer is yes! If you have the supporting cushion.

TOP TIP - If you do go with the Ikea Antilop highchair and insert you will certainly need a fabulous wipeable cushion cover to jazz it up a bit too! Made from either oilcloth or PVC they are waterproof and wipeable.

polka dot monochrome spots ikea highchair cushion cover

Splash Mat - To go underneath ANY highchair we highly recommend one of our messy mats to catch all that lovely food you spent hours preparing for your little angel to throw all over the floor. Your carpets will thank you later!

grey monchrome milk pattern splash messy mat

Bibs - Weaning is a messy business and so be prepared with bibs. We do lots of lovely soft polyester bibs with a toweling back which are machine washable, making them perfect for weaning.

soft polyester towelling baby bib with autumn leaf and bear design gender neutral

Bowls - Lots of bowls/plates.  

TOP TIP - Ones with suction bottoms are best as babies do tend to pick them up and launch them if they aren’t cemented down!

Spoons - Soft plastic feeding spoons. Smaller and gentle for little mouths.

TOP TIP - Give baby a spoon to hold whilst you’re also feeding with one, this stops them from grabbing yours so much.

Ice Cube Trays - Handy for making little portions when batch cooking, you can freeze and just pop one out when needed.

Patience - Don’t expect your baby to turn 6 months old and be on three meals a day, it does take time, lots of gentle introduction to tastes and textures. Don’t get disheartened if your baby doesn’t seem to like much, it can some times take babies up to ten times of trying something before they like it.

I’d love to know if there are any other essentials you recommend for weaning or if you have any of our mess-free weaning essentials then we’d love to see a pic so be sure to tag us on Instagram @bobbinandbumble.


Emma x

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