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What kind of changing mat do I need?

What kind of changing mat do I need?

Looking for our changing mats?

"What is the difference between all the changing mats" is a question I get asked often by lovely parents, grandparents, friends, aunties, uncles etc. So I decided to write a post to help. Should you go with a mini travel mat, an Anti-roll wedge changing mats or one of our Standard Flat Changing Mats? What are the purposes of each?

Bobbin and Bumble currently stock FOUR different types of changing mats:

Travel mini changing mats:

rainbow design mini portable changing mat

Standard table flat changing mats: 

 chevron baby changing mat

Wedge changing mats: 

Safari anti roll wedge changing mat

Changing Basket Mats:

eucalyptus basket changing mat

What are the differences between the three? 

Travel Mini Mats:

These are ideal for traveling, or as we are finding out from our customers, around the house. They are the perfect size for using it downstairs (in their changing caddy), in the car, at the grandparents, or in the garden!

Padded with nursery grade foam and made with nontoxic PVC, they offer enough padding for your little one and can be wiped down after each use. Folding up so they are compact, practical, and incredibly stylish!

Laid flat, our mini changing mats are approx 60cm Long x 34cm Wide x 1cm Deep so they are suitable from birth up to when your baby doesn’t need their bum changing anymore (Wahooo!). 

Folded into three they are approx 16cm Long x 34cm Wide x 4 1/2cm Deep

Sound ideal? Check out our most popular ones:

Travel changing mat - Safari Jungle Animals Print

Safari animals mini changing mat

Travel changing mat - Unisex Monochrome Leopard

leopard print portable changing pad

Flat Baby Changing Mats

These are the mostly commonly seen changing mats and probably what you think of when you think of baby changing mats. Like our other changing mats they are made from nontoxic PVC and padded with nursery grade foam so they are comfortable and safe for little bums. With lots of different styligh designs, these flat baby changing mats are great for in the nursery but also a good option for a second mat to have downstairs as you can slide it under/down the side of the sofa and just get it out when you need it. Not only are they handy to have about for changing little bums but also for things like baby massage and nappy free time - without worrying about any little accidents. 

Size of our Flat baby changing mats 72cm x 48cm x 5cm (LxWxD) Approx

Here is a look at some of our most popular prints, but be sure to check out the full range! 

Deluxe Baby Changing Mat - Oh Deer Print

Deluxe Baby Changing Mat - Monstera Leaf Print

tropical leaf baby changing mat

Wedge Changing Mats

Our anti-roll wedge mats are great for the nursery. Padded with nursery grade foam and made with nontoxic PVC they are comfortable, practical, safe and designed to be stylish. The raised sides offer up comfort and support for your little one whilst also preventing the baby from rolling off* Anti-roll mats are particularly great if you're upcycling or using a set of drawers as a changing table in your nursery. They also fit perfectly on the IKEA SNIGLAR changing table

Size of our Wedge Changing Mats: 70cm x 45cm x 10cm (LxWxH)

With lots of fresh and exclusive designs, your nursery is set to be on-trend with a changing mat to fit in with every nursery. Here are our most popular wedge changing mat designs: 

Anti-Roll Wedge Changing Mat - Botanical Leaf

Grey Spots Wedge Changing Mat 

grey anti roll wedge changing mat 

Changing Basket Mats and liners

Our basket changing mats are brand new for Bobbin and Bumble. They have been designed to fit the infamous changing baskets that don lots of beautiful instagram worthy nurseries. Hand sewn in the UK they are made from nontoxic PVC and nursery grade foam so that they are not only safe and comfortable for little bums, but they are wipeable and waterproof unlike the cotton basket liners currently offered on the market. 

Size of our Changing Basket Mats 30cm (W) x 70cm (L) 

With lots of beautiful designs that have been chosen to compliment the baskets there is something for every baby and every nursery. Here is a couple designs we think are going to be super popular:

Baby Changing Basket Mat - Iris Boho Rainbow Print

iris boho rainbow design basket liner changing mat


Basket Changing Mat - Salmon Dash Print

salmon dash print changing basket mat liner


Hopefully, that has helped you pick the right mat for you if you are still unsure, why not see how our lovely customers are using it on our Instagram.

*Never leave baby unattended on a changing mat. 

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