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Do I need a Splash Mat? - Uses for your messy mats!

I think the most obvious use for a splash mat is popping a highchair on top of one to catch all that lovely food you spent hours cooking! But our splat mats can be used for so much more than baby weaning. There are SO many uses for our messy mats and here are some other ways they can make your life a little easier.

Highchair splash mat - So of course obviously one of the most common uses for the messy mat is for underneath your baby's highchair. Waterproof and wipeable they make cleaning up after dinner times a lot easier as well as offering up some protection for your floor!

Bobbin and bumble ikea highchair accessories safari splash mat

Picnic Mat - They fold up really small and are super lightweight which makes them great for throwing in your bag for a picnic outdoors!

large tropical leaf splash mat for under the highchair UK

Baby Bath Mat - Put one of our waterproof, fully wipeable messy mats under the baby bath to catch all those inevitable spills and splashes from the baby bath!

large spotty dalmatian print splash mat

Table Cloth - Toddler table cloth. If you have the IKEA LÄTT mini table and chairs set for children, then our splash mats make excellent IKEA hacks in that they are great tabletop protectors. Also, they work on bigger tables too! 

rainbow splash mat from bobbin and bumble UK

Nappy Free Time - excellent for letting little bums breathe but not so good for your carpets! You can now let your baby play without worrying about little accidents on your floor. 

colourful cheetah splash mat UK

Messy and Sensory Play - Get creative and have lots of messy fun without the worry! We have two size mats. The mini mats are great for painting at the dining table and the large mats are great for on the floor crafting, baby sensory play and much more! 

grey milk bottle large messy mat for baby sensory play with jelly

Travel - Why not take your splash mat with you when you go on holiday? Then you know you are covered with your messy little eaters in your home away from home. Also, they are great for picnics on the beach. 

Oranges and lemons messy mat bobbin and bumble UK

Potty Training - Perfect for catching all those inevitable spills, drips, and splashes! 

bobbin and bumble small spotty messy mat for potty

So just a few of the most popular uses for our splash mats! Do you have any other uses for our splash mats? Let me know in the comments down below. 

Emma x

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