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Baby Changing Basket HACK!

Baby Changing Basket HACK!

The must have baby nursery accessory of 2021 is definitely the baby changing basket. Although massively popular and a beautiful statement piece to have in your nursery, they are extremely expensive and babies grow out of them pretty quickly. So I've put together this blog post on how you can hack an old moses basket and achieve the look FOR FREE!  

What you need

First things first you will need a moses basket. You may have had one given to you, an old one may be laying around in a relatives loft or like me you could just go online and search for one. I managed to pick mine up for free on a market place but they don't sell for much more than £5 generally. 

Here is the moses basket I found online. I identified it as being what I wanted by the wicker handles poking out.

 baby changing basket hack

Once I had collected the moses basket, I just stripped it of all the old sheets and here is what I was left with:

 Baby changing basket before

You will then only need a pair of scissors to transform this moses basket into the infamous changing basket. 

Start by removing the handles. There are a couple of ways to do this, you can simply just cut them off for ease and speed or like me you can just untie them. If you opt to untie them pop them to the side for later! 

You must now decide how high you want your sides to be. Remember you cant add on once you've taken it off so you'd be better going a bit higher and taking it lower if you'd like to afterwards. I counted five rows up from the bottom and was happy with this height. 

Then go around the top of the rim and remove the little sharp bits. They will simply just pull off and you will be left with a smooth top edge.

 smooth rim baby basket hack

Now you could just leave it here and have this as your baby changing basket however if like me you want to be a bit fancy you can reattach the arms at either end. 

Take the handles and the rope you unpicked early and place them at either end of the basket to measure how high you would like to position them. Once you have decided simply thread the rope through the basket and the handles tightly to reattach them back on into position. 

baby basket hack handles

Once you have done this don't forget to add a Bobbin and Bumble wipeable padded basket liner to complete the look! 

Et Voila! How I achieved the must have nursery trend for FREE! 

diy baby changing basket hack

If you want to see a video of this hack head over to our Instagram page where you will find one saved in our IGTV. Also don't forget to tag us if you give this a go! 

Emma xo

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