bobbin-and-bumble Deluxe Baby Changing Mat - Deep Blue Sea Print
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Deluxe Baby Changing Mat - Deep Blue Sea Print


This marine print is made up of lots of hand-drawn sea creatures you may expect to see in the deep blue sea including whales, sting rays, turtles, crabs, and seahorses. Our deep blue sea baby-changing mat would look wonderful in an ocean or sea-themed baby nursery. You're going to spend a lot of time looking at your baby's changing mat in those first few months so it better be cute as well as practical! 

Safe Baby Changing Mats 

Made in the UK our baby changing mats are not only for on top of your changing table but they’re great for around the house. The foam padding makes them comfortable and supportive for the baby during a bum change. The PVC cover makes it easy to clean afterward. 

Size Specifications for Standard Baby Changing Mat:

72cm x 46cm x 5cm (LxWxD) Approx

Why Parents Love Our Baby Changing Mats:

💧 Covered in Non-toxic PVC means they are waterproof

🧽 Super easy to wipe down after each use

🍑 Phthalate-free, so our mats are safe for your precious little ones

☁️ Padded with British standard foam for baby's comfort

🌿 Lots of contemporary designs to suit every baby and every nursery

🇬🇧 Made in the UK 

If you’re changing your baby on a raised surface, such as a changing table, remember to not leave them unattended.