bobbin-and-bumble Baby Mini Splash / Potty Mat - Friendly Crocodiles
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Baby Mini Splash / Potty Mat - Friendly Crocodiles


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Bobbin and Bumble mini messy mats are an essential for your home if you have a baby or young children. A smaller version of our classic large splash mats. Our crocodile print splash mat is fun and cute. 

Bobbin and Bumble mini splash mats are so lightweight and easy to carry around that as well as using them around the house you can simply roll up and take them out and about with you (to grandmas house maybe?). The smaller size we have found is great for easily storing away when not in use and so versatile. 

Uses for mini splash mats:

💦 Potty Training - This is a messy business. So why not give yourself less stress and let us take care of the mess. Just pop the splash mat under the potty to catch any spills.

🎨 Messy Play & Crafting - Great for table top crafts, get as messy as you like. We got you covered! 

🍽 Mini table cloths - They make for lovely toddler table cloths on mini tables such as the IKEA LÄTT. 

🍼 Bumbo Seat - The perfect size splash mat for popping under your Bumbo seat to catch any messes or spills from food and drink. 

Why we love our mini splash mats:

♻️ So versatile, you will get plenty of use out of your mat

💦 Waterproof and wipeable 

🪶 Made from nontoxic PVC so they are safe for your little ones

📏 Small in size so they are compact and lightweight which is great for moving around the house or taking out with you

😍 lots of cute designs

Care Instructions - To clean wipe down with warm soapy water or a baby/disinfectant wipe. DO NOT machine wash.

Size - 62.5cm x 62.5cm 

SHIPPING - ships within 2-5 business days. 

Items pictured not included, just used for demonstration.