Basket Changing Mat - Eucalyptus Print


This beautiful eucalyptus design is the perfect unisex print to compliment the delicate seagrass changing baskets. The green leaf design is also a good option if you are designing a unisex nursery. 

Our wipe-clean wicker basket liners have been designed specifically to fit any baby changing basket with an internal base measuring 30cm (W) x 70cm (L). Made from non-toxic PVC they are waterproof and wipe clean as well as safe for little bums. Padded with nursery grade foam they also add comfort for your baby during a nappy change. 

Nyla changing basket pictured IS NOT included, used for demonstration purpose. 

Basket Mat Size: 30cm(W) x 70cm(L)

Why we love our basket changing mats: 

💧 Non-toxic PVC means our changing basket liners are waterproof

🧽 Super easy to wipe down after each bum change

🌿 Phthalate-free, so our mats are safe for your precious little ones

☁️ Padded with British standard foam for baby's comfort

✨ Beautiful stylish designs to complement the changing baskets as well as your nursery

🚰 No more washing impractical cotton liners!

🧺 Compatible with the Olli Ella Nyla and Reva changing baskets

SHIPPING - Basket changing mat stock listed is ready to ship within 2-5 business days. 

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