bobbin-and-bumble Anti-Roll Wedge Changing Mat - Roam Dino Print
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Anti-Roll Wedge Changing Mat - Roam Dino Print


Our Roam dinosaur wedge baby changing mat is a stylish addition to any dinosaur-themed nursery. The print features beautifully illustrated dinosaurs with leaves and tracks. All the colours are soft and neutral adding a delicate but playful touch to your dinosaur theme nursery. 

Bobbin and Bumble Designed

Bobbin and Bumble have designed these dinosaur print padded anti-roll changing mats, made in the UK and fully certified. With soft padding and raised sides, our stand-out wedge baby changing mats offer comfort and support during nappy changes, all while looking super cute!

Ideal for Under Baby Gym

Bobbin and Bumble wedge-changing mats are also great to place under the baby gym as they ensure your little one won't roll away during playtime.

Why We Love Our Anti-Roll Changing Mats

  • 💦  Covered with PVC, making them waterproof and easy to wipe down after each use
  • 🧽  Super easy to wipe down after each use
  • 🌿 Phthalate-free, ensuring they are safe for your precious little ones
  • ☁️ Padded with nursery-grade foam for comfort and support during nappy changes
  • 🏔 Raised sides to deter baby from rolling during nappy changes 
  • 🍼 Fits most changing tables check size specifications to be sure
  • 🇬🇧 Made in the UK 

Important safety reminder

When changing your baby on a raised surface, such as a changing table, always keep them within arm's reach and never leave them unattended.

Size specification

70cm x 45cm x 10cm (LxWxH)


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