Anti-Roll Wedge Changing Mat - Iris Unisex Rainbow print


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Rainbows are so popular when it comes to nursery design but we felt unisex rainbow prints and boy rainbow prints were lacking. Our Iris rainbow print changing mat is a simple earth toned print that would look great in a boho nursery. The rainbows are made up with natural tones of brown, beige and grey putting a classy spin on rainbows. 

Our Bobbin and Bumble padded anti-roll changing mats are made in the UK and are fully certified. With super soft padding and raised sides, our stand-out anti-roll changing mats offer comfort and support, all of course whilst being super cute!

Our wedge changing mats are also great for underneath the baby gym as they ensure the baby doesn't roll away.

Size: 70cm x 45cm x 10cm (LxWxH)

Why we love our Anti-roll changing mats:

  • Non-toxic PVC means it is waterproof
  • Super easy to wipe down after each use
  • Phthalate-free, so our mats are safe for your precious little ones
  • Padded with British standard foam and raised sides for safety
  • Fits most changing tables including the IKEA SNIGLAR 

If you’re changing your baby on a raised surface, such as a changing table, remember to not leave them unattended.